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Tim Greene's Bio



Writer, Producer And Director On These Feature Films: Creepin, The Turn Up Squad, Ya Grandma's A Gangsta (Parody rap music video), LiL Homeez, LiL Homeez 2 (Summer Vacation) and LiL Homeez 3 (Back 2 School).Television: Dance City From Hollywood, Rap Tracks, Rap City, And The Carolina Countdown.


Dance City From Hollywood, Popular On Air Radio Personality On KKBT-100.3 The Beat (L.A.), KJLH-The Rhythm (L.A.), WPHI 100.3-The Beat (Philly), WCKZ-Kiss 102 (Charlotte).Syndicated In Japan: Dance City From Hollywood Songwriter And Producer: Over 17 Single Releases Including 2 Billboard Top Ten Hits.


Received Filmmaker Awards At:

Too Many To List


Speaking Engagements Worldwide:

London, Japan, Italy Tim served as a panelist at The Philadelphia Film Festival And at The Los Angeles Film Festival’s “Low Budget Summit” (Held at The Directors Guild Of America’s main auditorium)


United States Speaking Engagements Include:

The Directors Guild Of America, Global Media Summit (New York and L.A.), Los Angeles Film Festival, Philadelphia Film Festival, Uplifting Minds Tour, Film Independent-Diversity (FIND),UCLA Campus, Beverly Hills, Motor City Film Festival, Memphis Black Film Festival, Hollywood Black Film Festival, Charlotte Film Festival And Film Market, Pan African Film Festival, The Black Film And Media Conference, Philadelphia International Film Festival, Peachtree Int’l Film Festival, Southwest Georgia Film Festival, Arlene's Grocery's Film Festival (New York) And Tons Of Other Film Festivals large And Small Around The Country.


Newspaper And Magazine Interviews In:

Backstage Magazine, The Hollywood Reporter, The Business Of Film Magazine, Show Business Magazine (New York), Power Networking, Filmmakers Alliance Magazine, Sister 2 Sister, Scoop USA, The Sunday Sun, Urban Network, Radio Facts, BRE, Hitts Magazine, Urbaninsite, Philadelphia Daily News, New York Beacon, The California Crusader, The Los Angeles Sentinel, Los Angeles Wave, Our Weekly, LA Weekly, And Tons Of Other Articles In Print Worldwide.

Internet News Sites: Too Many To List!!!


Television Interviews: 

CNN News, E! TV, Inside Edition, NBC 10,Fox 29,WHYY Public Television, BET News, TV 48 Update, Urban Radio Nation, EUR Web, Urban Expressions, Philly Live, Los Angeles News Channels And Tons Of Other Interviews on CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX TV and many other cable networks.

Radio Interviews On:

Digital Production Buzz, Power 99FM, KJLH (L.A.), 100.3 The Beat (Philly & L.A), The Café (Chicago), WURD Talk Radio, WHAT Talk Radio, The Danger Zone Talk Show And Tons Of Other Interviews On Radio And Internet Stations From New York To Los Angeles And Abroad.


As An Actor Tim Greene Has Been In Films With The Likes Of:

Oprah Winfrey, Tom Cruise, Jamie Fox, Chris Rock AND Terrance Howard In Films Such As The Jackson Story, White Men Can't Jump, CB-4, Roc, Beloved, A Few Good Men And Many Others.

As A Former Talent Manager:

Tim successfully managed 73-year-old "Rappin Granny" to over 25 National TV Commercials, 17 Feature Films, 3 seasons of Beatle Borg's (Kid's TV Show) On Fox TV and over 24 million votes on "America's Got Talent" on NBC TV. Tim even launched merchandising for Rappin Granny with "Granny's Own Hip Hop Soda Pop" and "Granny-O's- Breakfast Cereal" and "Granny's Greeting Cards". Tim has also gotten over 40 kids and adults signed to deals in Hollywood without taking any percentage of their deals, and they are all now fulfilling their dreams in the entertainment business and living in Los Angeles.


As A Touring Tennis Player:

Tim has won over 120 tennis trophies and has played in national tournaments including The Westerns and Kalamazoo. Tim has also won Hollywood Celebrity Tennis Tournaments with The Make A Wish Foundation, John McEnroe's “Love Match” Celebrity Tournament and The Beverly Hills Country Club “Make A Wish Foundation”. Tim has also participated in Celebrity Fund Raising Tennis Events with the likes of Rob Riner, Bill Cosby, Charleston Heston, Venus & Serena Williams and tons of other Hollywood stars.


Tim also served as the Grand Marshal for the "Kingdom Day Parade", which was seen on KNBC TV in Hollywood California.Tim Has A Degree In Business Management And Was A National Deans List Student In College.


Tim’s film projects have screened in film festivals in the United States, London, Italy, Japan and many other countries worldwide.


Film director Tim Greene managed the career of 73 year old Rappin Granny of South Central Los Angeles as well as booked her on almost every news & talk TV show in the US. Tim has also booked Granny on Television shows in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and London England. Tim discovered and signed Rappin Granny during his community appearances as a popular Los Angeles radio personality. You may have seen Rappin Granny on “Americas Got Talent” (Over 40 million votes!), The Steve Harvey Show, The Arsenio Hall Show, Every Body Hates Chris, Montel, Regis, Good Day LA, Good Morning America, Inside Edition, America’s Talking, E! TV, 3 seasons of the kid’s TV show Beatle Borg’s on The Fox Network, Don’t Be A Menace and tons of other films and TV commercials worldwide.


Tim even created the world’s first Hip Hop Soda Pop and Hip Hop Greeting Cards as seen below.




"The Walt Disney Of Hip Hop" - Tim Greene - Written by Ashley Nash


Film producer, writer and director Tim Greene hosted an actor workshop at the local, Baldwin Hills Public Library. Receiving over 50 prizes, children of the audience were also afforded advice and motivation from the accomplished Greene himself as well as fellow producers, writers and actors. Central to all of their arguments was the idea that there is no excuse for failing to discover one's greatness. Greene stands by this phenomenon, having fulfilled his goals in unforgiving circumstances. Raised in a single parent home, he was one of many siblings to excel, accomplishing placement on the dean's list quite often. He also mentions that his brothers are Ivy League graduates who have accomplished success not often associated with urban upbringings. Congruently, Greene made a name for himself, not allowing the confines of the hood to limit his perspective.Growing up he gained interest in tennis, while others pursued basketball, and thrived on the levels of esteemed athletes such as Venus and Serena Williams. Along this same path, he began a career in radio with KJLH and KMPC. Greene shared that it was in these settings that he began meeting the executives involved in his dream field of work. "That's when I knew that I wanted to pursue a career in the film industry," he remarked. "People saw me as extras at first…" Since his successful break into the film industry as an actor on projects such as 'White Men Can't Jump,' 'A Few Good Men,' and now more behind the scenes, Greene has much more to offer especially to our youth. With the opportunity to speak to crowds around the world, Greene has left a lasting impression on the kids of today.In alliance, Greene has developed programs and ideas that restructure the minds of youth too often influenced greatly by the negativity of our media. "Instead of making it rain, I say 'Make it Rain With Greatness,' encouraging parents and families to award their children based on their achievements such as good grades. "I've also placed a new meaning on 'the b word,' instead of the word we all know, I tell young men to greet their female counterparts with 'what's up, beautiful?' instead. Incorporating these same values into his work, Greene has been labeled the 'Disney of Hip Hop,' providing viewers with family-friendly films. Fortunately, Greene has discovered young talent that serves wonderfully as role models for youth viewing his work.A part of the cast in the upcoming film 'Supa Kidz' are Ny'Aira , Nay Nay , Aliyah, Mesiyah and his brother, Lordez. Just being in their company, it was obvious that these soon-to-be-stars had a passion for the art, also that they are priorities of Greene. "I won't spend $20 million on a film, and some don't like it. My concepts are the stars." When asked what sets his films apart from that of others, Greene noted, "Do you see anyone else making the stars of their film children, who take back their hood from thugs and crime?" Truly, Greene has made his mark in the eyes of viewers, the hearts of children and their parents. As a "black male director in his own lane, going for the micro-screen," it's been made clear that he wants to keep his projects local and approachable.He explains that the easier the access is to his work, the more children can be affected, influenced and inspired. "Everything is downloadable, kids can get right to it." This knowledge along with his experiences as an actor has taught him the value in not living above one's means. "I get everything done and I don't need a $90,000 camera or to bring everybody in limos to do it." The emphasis is truly placed on the children. With free admission, children and their families had the opportunity to witness firsthand that children and their destinies are what's most important. From cell phones to plaques, children were acknowledged for their positive behavior, all based on honesty. Among the youth in the crowd were the actors and actresses of the 'Supa Kidz' cast who elaborated on the film and provided participants with their best advice. Together they shared that 'Supa Kidz' is about a group of kids with super powers that end up taking their hood back from the thugs who are trying to make them mules for drugs. Also on the list of projects is a film entitled, "The Re-Programmers," about a group of kids who are little inventors and utilize a device to reprogram the minds of thugs, transforming them from ignorant to intelligent.The down-to-earth, Greene also included that he is currently working on developing about 10 more projects: learning, 'making it happen' and being blessed along the way. Originally from the East Coast, Greene visits Los Angeles several times a year, impacting youth every time. 



Is Filmmaker Tim Greene the New "Disney" of Hip-Hop Film?By Josh Miller


HOLLYWOOD, CA - Writer, producer and director Tim Greene wants to be the Walt Disney of hip-hop cinema. The filmmaker feels his new comedy for kids, to be screened at a sneak preview next week, could catapult him into that stratum of silver screen stardom. Greene declined to divulge many details, including the dual-syllabic title, of his latest film. Still, the man who knows a little something about marketing movies revealed enough information to entice viewers’ intellectual appetites. The cast comprises a litany of local little ones from diverse ethnic backgrounds. I picked out those kids who had that spark," Greene said. "You can see these kids are born to act."Greene also promises moviegoers will enjoy experiencing a wide range of emotions."It’s G rated but will make you laugh like crazy," he said. "And you’re definitely going to cry if you cry at movies." Hollywood traditionally steered clear of urban movies geared toward adolescent audiences, but trends are changing, Greene said, citing the success of Are We There Yet? The PG-rated road trip tickle, staring Ice Cube and Nia Long, opened at the top of the box office, and grossed more than $60 million in less than three weeks."That shows there’s a curve coming up and I’m just going to hop on that curve," Greene said. "I’ve put myself on the executives’ radar screens." As grand marshall of the KNBC Martin Luther King Kingdom Day Parade, Tim recently put himself on hundreds of thousands of television screens in the Los Angeles area."He’s well known on the West Coast," said Larry Grant, founder of the KNBC parade. "I’ve known Tim for about 15 years now and he impressed me the first time I met him. He can always be involved in anything that I do." During his visit to Southern California, Greene sat down with several CEOs of major studios. A dearth of urban directors in Hollywood, he said, puts those in touch with hip-hop culture in high demand. Greene has not only proven his credibility in the funk-infused genre, but also has been able to do it in eye-catching fashion - with zero-budget productions."They see some entrepreneurial skills," he said. "They know if they give me five million I’ll give them back fifty." Greene employed an array of unconventional measures to finance two full-length features - Creepin’, a spoof on scary movies, and The Turn Up squad, a parody of Charlie’s Angels. Awarding Straight “A” students in Atlanta with Fox 5 News On set in New York City In studio at 103.3FM Charlotte North Carolina He clipped rebate checks to acquire an array of freebies - from film, computer equipment and cell phones to gasoline, batteries and food. He scoured yard sales and consignment shops for bargain props and promotional materials. And he read more than 50 film books, including many of the same titles that a student at UCLA or NYU may encounter in class. Now, Greene has collected the coupons, receipts with next-to-nothing balances and photographs with captions in a scrap book, which will one day be developed into his own instructional guide.With hip-hop firmly in the mainstream, the majority of the culture’s consumers are white suburban children. Still, his films have been distributed in 21 countries and three languages - English, Spanish and French - without the help of agents or lawyers. He placed advertisements in Hollywood trade magazines, mailed screeners to movie rental retailers and used the internet, where "there are over 42 million kids online," to market and move his product."You have to think as a mogul," he said. "As Def Jam did for music, Tim Greene will do for film." Greene grew up as one of his single mother’s six children, including five sons. Picking up tennis at age 11 allowed Greene to escape the hardships of his neighborhood. His unrelenting racquet has earned over 120 tennis trophies and granted Greene access to the ears of Hollywood executives.With a datebook that demands ink like a Dostoyevsky novel, Greene is booked throughout the next 2 years. As a romantic and comedic drama panelist for the National Film and Discussion Series Tour, he spoke in Baltimore two weekends ago, in New York, Los Angeles, San Diego, Houston, Memphis, New York City, Philadelphia, North Carolina, Atlanta and in Washington D.C. on Saturday."Tim is a tremendous crowd hit," said Corey Jennings, President and CEO of Next Generation Awareness Foundation, Inc., the organization responsible for the discussion series tour. "He is really spreading knowledge about how to break into the film industry and how to be an entrepreneur."Greene travels to Phoenix, London England, Detroit, Chicago and then to Los Angeles this week for the Uplifting Minds Tour.He then returns to Philadelphia to participate in Sayre Morris Recreation Center’s 3rd Annual African American Film Festival. There, he will screen his music video satire, Ya Grandma’s A Gangsta, starring octogenarian Rappin’ Granny.An increasingly hot commodity in Hollywood, Greene expects to spend considerably more time in Tinsel Town, hammering out directing and producing deals."I’m still shooting my films independently, but one or two studio films won’t hurt," he said. "It’s a good thing. It gets me to that next level of filming." Big budgets would permit Greene freedom to add more camera pans and special effects. "The thing that gets my movies over is the story line," he said. "I’ll be able to tell bigger stories."The writer, director and producer also wants to continue discovering raw talent.Regardless of what fame and fortune may come for Tim Greene, success will not stand in the way of giving back to communities in need. "You’re more likely see me at a center, giving away 600 computers to low income families than at a party with a drink in my hand," he said. "I’m more on that tip of helping people worldwide." 


Never Give Up On Your Dreams!!

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